Original Motion Picture 
Costume Display

Minister of Science
and Chief Defender of the Faith

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The costume displayed on the mannequin pictured here is the actual costume 
used in the first two Planet of the Apes films.

The jacket for Dr. Zaius is one of the two Maurice Evans jackets known to still exist. 
It was only used  in the first two ape films, before finding its way into a private collection back in 1973, 
where it remained untilmaking its way to us in 1999.  

Its sister set (now residing in a private collection in Florida) aside from being used in the first two films of the saga,
was also used by John Houston (as the Lawgiver) in BATTLE 
and again by Booth Colman (as Dr. Zaius) in the TV series.

And speaking of Booth Colman, the hands on the Zaius mannequin are actually Mr. Colman's. 
We invited him out to the studio for a day back in June of 2000 for a lifecasting session and an interview.  
He's a delightful man and has many wonderful stories to tell, especially about his friendships 
with Maurice Evans and Boris Karloff.

Dr. Zaius had another style outfit other than the "traditional" version shown here.
The "BEACH" outfit was used for the finale scene in the first film,
and the "RIDING" outfit was used in BENEATH.  
The "RIDING" outfit was the same as the "BEACH" version, but with extensive
"glyph" ornaments on the sleeves and chest.

Most of the original POTA costumes had their "glyphs" removed during production of the final film, "BATTLE for the Planet of the Apes".  Collectors who have original costumes with 'glyphs" still attached should consider themselves very fortunate because pieces in that condition are extremely rare.

Figures can be made to display replica or actual "screen-used" wardrobe, 
 Replicas of this outfit are available as "SPECIAL REQUESTS" 
 through our merchandise department.

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