Original Background Gorilla Stunt Mask Restoration

The "cracker mask" as we called it when it first came our way.
This piece was so brittle and fragile, if you breathed on it, it would crumble!

And here it is after our restoration.  WOW!

Click on the thumbnail images posted below to view the entire restoration process

Re-conditioned muzzle
pinned to core

The Apeman himself, Brian Penikas,
painstakingly pins each reconditioned piece back into place.

All pieces pinned to core

Another angle of 
reconditioned pieces pinned to core

Another view of  reconditioned face
ready for patching

The patching process begins

Missing areas were sculpted in 
with a patching compound.

All missing areas 
have been filled

Eyes are added
and lids sculpted

Another angle with eyes

The finished head...

Resurrected and...

...fully restored.


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