Andy Schoneberg's RESUME

13 years experience sculpting and creating special makeups and creatures for film, television and video.
SAG puppeteer w/experience as a puppeteering supervisor.

Experience in supervisory positions as follows:

The Hulk:
    Hulk fx coordinator PROJECT CANCELLED

Superman Lives:
    healing suit coordinator PROJECT CANCELLED

Wrongfully Accused: fx coordinator

The X Files Movie: Art Department supervisor

My Favorite Martian: Art Department supervisor

Alien Resurrection: Project supervisor

Starship Troopers: Project Supervisor

Michael: Project supervisor

Jumanji; Art department supervisor

Tremors 2; Project supervisor/Set Supervisor

Mortal Kombat; Art department supervisor

The Santa Clause; Art department supervisor

Jurassic Park Key Artist,Brachiosaur

Batman Returns; Art department/Puppet supervisor, Penguins

True Identity, Backround prosthetics

Edward Scissorhands; Art dept. coordination, set puppeteer

Don't Tell Her it's Me; Prosthetics key

Out Cold; Dummy effects


Mercy Point: progressive age makeups, episode 4

Outer Limits: design, sculpture and application of alien makeups

Twin Peaks; Age makeup for Kyle Maclachlan; episode 3

People Like Us; Aids makeup

Tales from the Crypt; Age makeups for two episodes


Michael Jackson; 3

You Are Not Alone2 Art Department supervisor

Soul Asylum; 3

Just like Anyone2  Art Department Supervisor


Man On The Moon

Austin Powers 2: The Spy Who Shagged Me

Carlos' Wake

The General's Daughter

Terminator 2

Predator 2

Gremlins II

A Nightmare on Elm Street, Part 5

The Adventures of a Gnome named Gnorm

Return of the Swamp Thing


Alien Nation (FILM)

Dead Heat

Return of the Living Dead, Part 2

Going Bananas

Beauty and the Beast

War of the Worlds

St Elsewhere

Demolition Man


Baby's Day Out


Oldest Living Confederate Widow Tells All

Oh yeah, he's a proud pappa too!
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