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This is the actual spacesuit that actor Sal Mineo wore in the opening sequence of "Escape from the Planet of the Apes". 
                           About 2 years after the filming of "Escape", the "Ape-o-Naut" suits were used in the infamous "cantina" scene 
                         from "Star Wars".  After that, this suit was stripped of the Apollo Mission paint-scheme and returned to its original 
                   Mercury Mission silver mylar finish.  You can see several of the silver suits in  a few films and televison shows from the 1960's.

                      The suits were made for the 1966 farce  "WAY...WAY OUT!" starring Jerry Lewis, Dennis Weaver, and Connie Stevens. 

                                        They again ape-peared in James Coburn's 1967 super-spy feature "In Like Flint".

                                              That same year, the suits came back to Earth in episodes 24 and 25  of 
                                                  "The Green Hornet" "Invasion from Outer Space" Parts 1&2
                                                                    Aired March 17th, 1967

                                            Three mylar suits were also used in the first episode of the final season of 
                                                      "Get Smart" titled "Pheasant Under Glass", 9/26/1969 . 

                                                  Bob Hope wore one in a "Planet of the Shapes" skit with Sally
                                                 Struthers in The Bob Hope Show Season 22, Ep 1, Aired 9/13/71

                                                          I'm sure there are more tv/film appearances
                                             and numerous magazine photoshoots.  We'll post those as they turn-up.

     It is not known which of the WAY...WAY OUT cast suits were converted to the ANSA suits for "ESCAPE". 
When we find out, we will post that info here as well.
Rumor has it that Roddy and Kim's suits were sold together at auction in the 1980's to an East coast collector.
                Roddy's Boots are also owned by an East coast collector.  Sal's and Kim's boots have not surfaced.  Nor have the gloves and helmets.

When we received Sal Mineo's suit for resoration, it was missing the gloves, helmet mount, and boots. 
It was in pretty sad shape and back to it's mylar finish.

As you can see, Sal's suit has now been fully restored for this display. 
We photographed it on the actual Zuma Beach, California, location where the opening "ESCAPE" scene was originally filmed. 

It now resides in the pop-culture museum in SEATTLE WASHING, along with one of our Cornelius  and Dr. Zaius mannequins

There are DETAIL fotos on the following pages:

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(We will post more photos soon, including some great APEMANIA workshop pix of the restoration process.)


MODEL PRISONERS has released it's long awaited 
resin kit of the ESCAPE-O-NAUTS. 
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