ESCAPE From the Planet of the Apes space suits


Here is an incomplete history of the APE-O-NAUT spacesuits from


Feel free to contact us if you know of other screen or print ape-pearances of these suits!

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  The suits were made for the 1966 farce  "WAY...WAY OUT!" starring Jerry Lewis, Dennis Weaver, and Connie Stevens.

They again ape-peared in James Coburn's 1967 super-spy feature "In Like Flint".

That same year, the suits came back to Earth in episodes 24 and 25  of
"The Green Hornet" "Invasion from Outer Space" Parts 1&2 (Aired March 17th, 1967)


Three mylar suits were also used in the first episode of the final season of
  "Get Smart" titled "Pheasant Under Glass" (9/26/1969)


Bob Hope wore one of the silver suits in a "Planet of the Shapes" skit with Sally Struthers in
"The Bob Hope Show", Season 22, Ep 1, (Aired 9/13/71)

About 2 years after the filming of "Escape",
at least one of the "Ape-o-Naut" suits were used in the infamous "cantina" scenes from "Star Wars".


We know that some of the suits saw service in print ads and magazine photoshoots.
It's a sure bet that they also were used in tv commercials of the day, before finding their way into private collections.
We'll post those as they turn-up.


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