Back in the late 1970's, the influence of Planet of the Apes, Rick Baker's King Kong, and Star Wars inspired many of the members of this group to start experimenting with acting, make-up, props, and costumes. The discovery of science fiction conventions in the LA and San Francisco areas lead us to assemble the Merry Monkeytime Players several times per year for weekends of fun and debauchery. Reuniting for John Chambers' 75th birthday party in '97 brought back all the fun, childhood memories, and inspiration that led us all in creative career directions. The Players of APEMANIA come from all walks of life. Some of us are actors, some are artists, all of us love Planet of the Apes. Here's a look at who we are with and without make-up. Click on the characters for each performer's own unique story.

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who contribute to APEMANIA's on-going antics!

There are a great many GREAT people to thank for making this group possible!

Make-up Room
 Ever wonder what it takes to become an APE? 
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Keeper of the Keys:
Roger Morrissey

Make-up & Hair Departments:
Janice Berridge
Chris Hanson
Dara Jaramillio
Teresa Penikas
Iris Gillispie
Liz Reece
Lana Sharp
Jacobein Van Der Meer

Ape Wranglers:
Alexander Ceballos
Dominique Jaramillo
Raymundo Ramirez (Day 3 Gorilla @E3) and webmaster

Rachel Debree
Carol Jones
Karen Mason 
Nancy Parr

Deveril Weekes

Ady Roulli-Barney
Roger Morrissey

Photo Resources:
FOX Archives
Jeff Ceterko
Terry Martin & Time Machine Collectibles
Hollywood Book & Poster
Still Things

Sculptures & Lab:
Greg Smith (sculptures & molds)
Andy Schoneburg
Brian Penikas
Duke Cullen
Scott Stoddard
Chris Hanson
Roy Ceballos
David Hoff

CAST & CREW alumni:
Diamond (Wrangler) (lab,driver, spokesperson)
Brenton Henriques (played Bo-Bo the Chimp Boy for Chambers 75th)
Drew Huntsman (played a Gorrila "Batman & Robin's Halloween")
Mark Killingsworth (played a Gorrila on "Dr. Brainiac'sLab)
David Ortiz (played a Gorrila for cruise dress rehersal)

Fox Folks:
Alan Adler
Jeff Nuzzi

Special Thanks To:
Steve Buscano
Scott Essman
Fuller French
Eric Green
Ron Magid
Jim McPherson
Don Post and the Dost Post Studios artisans.
Jill Rockow

Rick "Alien Nation"Stratton

Very Special Thanks To:
John and Joan Chambers
Linda Harrison
Charlton Heston
Kim Hunter
Roddy McDowall
Natlie Trundy

"Not the Primates, but an incredible simianulation!"

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