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Laird Laird Macintosh
Dr. Zaius

"Ahh, Yes!  It's amusing. A man ACTING like an ape!"  And splendidly, we might add. 

Recreating the great Maurice Evan's role of Dr. Zaius is multi-talented Actor Laird Macintosh.  Laird is quite the seasoned performer, with an extensive background in all aspects of the performing arts.  An accomplished magician , incredibly fast quick-change artist, and fabulous impressionist, Laird is truly the "Keeper of the Dialogue" for APEMANIA. 

Laird can be seen as the spokesperson for the 2009 COORS LIGHT tv ad campaign.

Very active with tv roles, Laird is also a full-time member of the famous Groundlings comedy group.

Being an avid outdoorsman, Laird was the perfect choice to host NBC's TREASURE HUNTERS reality contest show, as well as OLN's “Ultimate Playground” extreme sports show. 

Laird has had a careerwith projects like, Band of Brothers", "Rules Of Engagement" (with Tommy Lee Jones and Samuel Jackson) and Neil Labute's "Nurse Betty" where he played a dual roll ( opposite Renee Zellweger and Greg Kennear). 

Originally from Chicago, Laird now lives in Studio City, California.  Laird is currently studying with the Los Angeles "The Groundlings".

Some of Laird's non-ape credits include: 
Saving Private Ryan, Port Chicago Mutiny, Murder in the First,Sliders, Ally McBeal, & Melrose Place.

When asked what he gets a kick out of most when playing the Zaius character, Laird responds, "Well, I have to say that meeting all of the great actors and artistsfrom the original films, has been an honor and privilege... I'm veryfortunate , thank you Maurice."

It's quite a hoot seeing peoples' reaction to Laird when they meet  him out of make-up, after having seen hisZaius portrayal.  They're always blown away because they think the 'guy in the make-up' is a plump little old man!

Laird is an avid kayaker and backpacker  and is quite well -versed in the martial arts.  We have to age and plump him up quite a bit to hide his athletic physique for the Zaius role.

Laird is the "pulse" of this group and we are very fortunate to have him aboard. Apemania would not be the experience that it is without  his mesmerizing portrayal of Dr. Zaius and his endless energy, enthusiasm, encouragement, and devotion to detail and to the cause.

Truly a GREAT ape amongst apes!

Check out Laird's website HERE!

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