Let's have some fun!!!   We want those embarrassing pictures of you and your friend's VERY FIRST ape-tempts at POTA make-ups! Back from the days when no Ape fan had a clue or the resources to do a POTA make-up! The older the photos, the better! Of course everyone's works are welcome here, but the hokier and worse, the better! (Anyone remember making Apes from orange-peels?) We ESPECIALLY love those old faded instamatic snapshots from the 70's! Apes in bell-bottoms UNITE! APEMANIA strongly encourages ape-spiring make-up artists to use their talents to create their own Planet of the Apes make-up. We will be posting contributed images from fans just like you on this Junior G-Man page. 

So if you have any photos send them to:  apeman@apemania.com

(no more than 100k please, and no more than 3 photos) and DEFINITELY a short bio. Tell us who's in the photo, what the make-up is made out of, how long it took to put on (and take off) and how much of mother's carpet you destroyed in the process!!! We will add it to the G-Man page as soon as we can. So start digging through those boxes and photo albums. This page is certain to be a fun one!And to check out some of the fan's none make-up creations, visit the Arts & Crafts Gallery.

Gary Pawlowski

Blake Jones

Chris Llewellyn

Greg Larson

The Merry Monkeytime Players

Jeff Barkley

Chris Hanson

Cody Llewellyn

Gino Whitaker

Bill Chancellor

Jeff Carlson

East Coast Ape

Go Ape Billy

Paul Mejias

Jose' Ruiz & Family

Chris Sharman

Trent Dickson

David LaPage

Jeff & Susan

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