Kissimmee, Florida

I found this photo (luckily it was dated September 1978 on the back).
I had almost forgotten all about this. I had begged my parents for a leather
jacket, not because of the cold weather (which is why I told them I needed it)
but because I had planned on using it for my gorilla costume.
I had bought a make-up kit, I think it was a Planet of the Apes licensed kit.
Or it could have been a POTA rip-off, whatever.
I had four paper routes at the time and was able to buy alot of cool stuff like POTA & Star Wars.
Since I had no friends that were interested in this kind of stuff I had to do everything myself.
I even had to bribe my brother to take the picture. Since I had gone to all of that
trouble, I did get to at least eat dinner in the make-up but I had to take if all off afterwards.
I was 15 at the time living in Columbus, Indiana.

(Hey Trent, the kit was a kit produced by the legendary Dick Smith, of Exorcist fame.
My friends and I all wanted one of those babies too, but never had enough allowance in our pockets!  Apeman)


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