Gino Whitaker
Chicago, Illinois

Gino Whittaker


On a recent expedition into a region known as Chicago, Illinois, our great Minister of Science discovered a community of strange beings, the likes of which he had never encountered before.

Having purchased some comfortable "casual attire" from a local vendor (Wilsons Leather), 
the good Doc  decided to further investigate the local culture.

His quest for knowledge found him doing battle in a local pub with an annoying little green "puppet-like" being that thought he had the answers to everything in the universe.

The little green guy challenged our illustrious Keeper of the Faith to a "best-of-3" billiards game.  The loser would have to strip to his "skivvies" and stand on a table in the bar, reciting his culture's religious doctrine.

Dr. Zaius had this to say about the results of the contest:

"Ah yes!  It was quite amusing to see that pathetic little green thing drunkenly teetering 
atop the table, rambling on about "the Force" or some such non-sense."

"He may be a big shot in a galaxy far far away, but he learned very quickly that a light saber 
is no match for a  pool cue when ol' Zaius is in-the-house!"

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