Jeff & Susan Stringer
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Jeff Strnger Jeff Strnger Jeff Strnger
Jeff Strnger Jeff Strnger
 Hiya...! Well, we finally broke down and sent in our Ape pics. The Galen
shot is me(Jeff) in the Don Post Cornelius mask with an outfit made by my
wonderfull seamstress wife, Susan. This was put together in 1988. The other
four are our outfits made for DragonCon in 1998. We were extremely well
recieved by the audience and fan crowd in general, even if our audio tape of
the Ursus speech was barely audible. There was no tech rehersal at the con,
so I had no idea that my tape wasn't going to work on their equipment. There
I was, ranting and strutting in my best James Gregory imitation and the
audience could hear NOTHING! Almost nothing, anyway. We were waiting for my
cue when I realized that the distant noise I was hearing WAS my cue. I went
into the speech about ten seconds late. But such is life. We still took a
Re-Creation award, so it wasn't a total loss.
  We were CONTINUOUSLY told to keep our damn dirty paws off of everyone
(people's off-the-cuff originality can be staggering sometimes)and all the
guys wanted photos of themselves being kissed by my wife as Zira. Our
presence also triggerd a few rousing choruses of "Dr.Zaius-Dr.Zaius...!" to
the tune of "Rock Me, Amadeus", from the Simpsons bit that I will assume you
are familiar with. Our friend Joe Tripp was BORN to be Zaius. He worked so
well in that costume, it was spooky. Our Cornelius was Max Smith.  Anyway,
in spite the technical difficulties, a good time was had by all. My wife did
an excellent job with the glyphs. The Chimp's little, "half moon" pieces are
missing, but as usual, we ended up short on time. Better looking feet will
also be made. We wanted to build them around actual shoes, but again, we ran
out of time. Enjoy.

Jeff & Susan Stringer


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