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David David Hoff

David is also one of the surviving junior high school Drama Production and Ape-alumni.   Many-a-time, dear ol’ Dave was the make-up guinea pig during our formative years in the late 70’s and early 80’s.  

When the reunion cruise came around in ‘96, it was Dave’s suggestion that overruled a Klingon theme and brought the Apes out of storage once again after a 15 year lull.   

Dave is now Network Coordinator for the LA Times website department ( ), and when he’s not busy with his other gig (where he plays “Husband” to Sharon and “Daddy “ to Emily, in “How to Handle a Hoff”), he writes a lot of our “schtick” as well as co-masters the APEMANIA website.  

“In the beginning, we never thought we’d need a site, we were just a bunch of fans out having fun. But after oodles of POTA fan inquiries from all over the globe, and some friendly encouragement from FOX, we’ve finally got it going.  Lord knows there’s enough photos to post.”  Scan away, Dave!  

When asked what 2 year old daughter Emily’s favorite toy is, Dave’s wife Sharon confidently says, “Why it’s the Cornelius doll, of course!  We had to get David a replacement doll after Christmas because Emily staked a claim to his right away, and wouldn’t give it back!”

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