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Michelle Michelle Juhlin

We were quite surprised  at Michelle’s reaction when we first asked her to play the part of Dr. Zira for John Chambers’ 75th Birthday Bash back in ‘97.  We thought a pretty girl like her is not going to let us put all that junk on her face, but she jumped at the chance!  We tried to tell her about the very un-glamourous prosthetic make-up and removal processes, all the while trying to describe it in a realistic yet truthful way, but (thankfully) Michelle still had no objections to the “glue and goop treatment”. 

Michelle says that she is thrilled to be one of the apes and to be working with this unruly bunch “of nuts”.  Michelle’s contributions to APEMANIA definitely help to complete the entire re-creation, besides her presence also keeps the guys in check.

When asked what her most memorable moment as Dr. Zira has been, Michelle states, “That’s a tuff one to single out , but I think I would have to say that aside from John’s (Chambers) party, my most memorable moment was meeting and escorting Kim Hunter into the Motion Picture Academy for thePlanet of the Apes 30th Anniversary Cast & Crew Party last year.  That was a thrill!”

A Texas native, this classically trained thespian has played such parts as Ophella, Juliet, Hero, and Hedda Gabler.  She also has done her fair share of modeling and movie work, being the (to use John Chambers words) “looker” that she is.

When not “aping it up” with the boys, Michelle works with another acting troupes, "The Great American Lounge Act", “Dial M For Murder” Mysteries, and “Frankie & Mia Tie the Knot”.

She has traveled extensively through Europe with the U.S.O. tour and continues to travel with her other theatrical groups.

Michelle and other APEMANIA cast members  did voice overs for the Fox Interactive Planet of the Apes CD-Rom game (due out in 2001).

She also has taken up the pen once more, this time writing a 3 person show that will open soon.  We’ll keep you posted with info on dates and times.

(To get a gander at Michelle’s 1998 Texas Swimsuit Calendar pictures,click here.)

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