Dr. Zaius by Andy Garringer

When Planet of the Apes debuted in 1968, Andy Garringer was a mere 7 years old.  Today, Batman and Planet of the Apes remain two of his "primatery" hobby interests inspired by the entertainment from that era. 

At the ape-age of twelve or so, he and his brother saved ape their lawn mowing money to purchase two Gorilla masks, probapely Don Post manufacture. Some of his fondest child ape-hood memories are those of he and his brother playing Planet of the Apes Man-Hunt, wearing those masks, and chasing down all of neighborhood human children. Unfortunately his mask no longer exists, 
...but his brother's still does!           

   Working as a graphic artist with Do It Best Corp., a member owned hardware and building material wholesaler with over 4,400 stores worldwide, Andy enjoys the job which earns him the money for his extra-"cornicular" Ape projects.  
He designed Do It's current truck fleet which won a national design award, proving that he indeed can be taught more than a few simple tricks.  Quite a specimen.
The job also gave him the most important thing in his life, his wife Marcia. They met there in 1990 and were married in 1992. She still sticks by him even if he goes a little "APE" now and then.

Andy is currently working on his own Ursus costume and several other gorilla projects with, of course, the help of APEMANIA.  Andy always avails himself for freelance Ape-art, and he promises the Apemaster that he will submit more illustrations and fotos of his pending ape-projects as they progress.  
GO APE ANDY!  We anxiously await!
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