Alvaro Cipagauta
Santiago de Chile is my life

Graphic designer , born in October 1971 in Santiago de Chile
lived in Mexico, Germany and now in Chile again.
The first shock that a movie made on me was the POTA ending (you maniacs!!!!)

I saw in a magazine the image of the Che ape (a design by artist Ruslan Karablin), 
and i looked every related place in the internet, 
finally i took the classic photo of  Guevara and a
frame of POTA with Cornellius, then a little Photoshop here and there to
redraw both images with vectors.
I'm not the original creator of this idea...but it's a good remake.
These two revolution symbols, Che Guevara and Cornellius (but maybe Caesar is
more revolutionary).
That's all!

Alvaro Cipagauta

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