Chris Llewellyn

This beast comes to our zoo from a place called Keller, Texas.
Dr. Zira says that since his arrival at the compound, some 28 years ago, she has trained him how to draw!  Can you believe it?  A man drawing like an APE!

Dr. Zira swears that this subject is unique and has been drawing Planet of the Apes Art since he was a young cub of about 8 years old.
A docile creature, the good Doc says he shows great signs of love and adoration for
his captors here on the Planet of the Apes.

Dr. Zira also says that through her years of studying this subject, she has found that he has been collecting Anything and Everything Apes for about 19 years.  Hense Julius's nickname for the beast, "Clepto Chris. Natural born thieves, these humans.  Lucky I haven't lost a finger to this one yet!"

Zira has chosen Chris for a new experiment and currently has him working on a Planet of the Apes Fanclub Magazine.  A Fanzine all about the Apes,with Rare Photos, Articles, Fanclub Exclusives and much more.

The Ape artworks posted here are two examples of Chris' work.
General Ursus was quite thrilled to be the main subject in Chris' Tribute to Beneath the Planet of the Apes piece, "I'm not saying that all humans are evil, simply because they can't draw. No!  Look at this one here.  He's quite talented.  And to think, I almost marked him for target practice!"


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