Another of Dr. Zira's behavioral studies gone mad, 
this subject hails from someplace beyond the Forbidden Zone.

Reed was one of those poor unfortunate souls who’s first experience viewing the original Planet of the Apes film was from a television broadcast.   His parents felt he was too young to GO APE at the local movie theatre, being the lowly child of 7 years he was at the time of the film's initial release.

Could his parents have had a premonition that if Reed was to have seen POTA in the theatre when he was 7 that he would’ve been "hooked for life" and gotten into more trouble at school for drawing “those pics” of Planet of the Apes in his non-art classes, as he was known and forbidden to do?

Even with his sister sneaking him a Mego Soldier doll for his birthday, Reed has been forced (commissioned) to the terrible terrible task of having to forsake his love for the Apes to doodle (dare we say it?) Trekkie art!!!  Is there no justice?!  
An APE artist, painting Shatner?  

The Lawgiver bleeds!!!  

...But only until Reed gets done with the Trek stuff, 
then he promises to make up for lost time with new APE works
that he will share with us here at APEMANIA.COM!

For more works by Reed, visit 
Reed's website


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