Santo Marotta

Captured in a region formerly known as Manhattan New York, Dr. Zira says this subject is proving to be quite resourceful. He collects and does paintings of his favorite ape captors as well as The Universal Monsters and
other Sci-fi characters. This painting (of our Good Dr. Zaius) was done with Liquitex Acrylic paints on a stretched canvas that Santo made from the old blanket in his cage. 

Dr. Zira is so thrilled with Santo's progress that she let's him listen to music when he paints or sometimes treats him to a classic monster movie for more creative inspiration. 

The doc says that there is evidence this subject went to a few different art schools when he was younger, but he didn't learn much, and didn't like his subject matter.

It was until coming into Dr. Zira's care that Santo really fell into a "groove", as she puts it.  He has completed many works including the Wolfman , Frankenstein, Creature from the Black Lagoon, and Elvira (which Zira says Nova may have modeled for). 

Another peculiar activity of Santo's is collecting
various rubber masks of his favorite characters from movies.  He seems to indicate to Dr. Zira that he would like to add some ape masks to his collection but Dr. Maximus (Commissioner of Animal Affairs) disapproves, saying that it may be part of a larger plan by Santos and some of the more "advanced" human captives in which the humans may try to disguise themselves as apes in a mass escape attempt.

Dr. Zira doesn't feel that assumption is fair.  Julius (the Zoo Keeper) doesn't care, just as long as the beast keeps his cell tidy.

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