Let's size things up!


To ensure correct measurements, print out the  MEASUREMENT CHECKLIST pdf as well as the SIZING CHART pdf then and get measured by a professional (eg: tuxedo store)

Name: ____________________________  Date: _______________ _______________      _____age: 
Address: ______________________________ 
City: _______________ State: _____ Zip:__________ Country: ______________________________ ______
Phone Home: ____________________ Work: ___________________ Other: ____________ e-Mail:_______ 


CHEST:  measurement around fullest area around the chest; under the arms across shoulder blades with arms down

OVERARM: With arms down, measure around fullest area over both arms across shoulder blades


SLEEVE LENGTH: Measurement taken from center of collar at the base of the neck, over the shoulder and down the length of the arm to wrist bone

NECK: Measure around the base of the neck you should only be able to fit one finger between tape measure and neck ~ include half-sizes
V-NECK: FOR GORILLA VESTS: Measure a comfortable V-neck using the SIZING CHART PDF as a guide.

HIPS:  Identify the largest part of your hips or butt, whichever spot above the thighs is the largest.  Wrap the tape measure around your widest area. The tape measure should be loose enough so that you do not see compression of the skin, but not so loose that it slips from the area.

WAIST: Measure just above the hip bones & across the naval (where pants are normally worn)

INSEAM:  Measurement from the inside pant crotch seam to where the pants should fall on the shoe. Generally, to the top of the heel

OUTSEAM: Measurement from the top of the waistline down side of leg to the top of the heel





By signing below, you agree that all information is accurate and accept sole responsibility for the ordered size. 
Ape costume orders are considered Special Order and therefore all deposits and payments are considered final.

Signature _________________________________________________ Date ___________________ 

Mail or fax back the following information and sign authorizing your credit card to be processed for the amount required.
Payment in Full ~ Visa _____ MasterCard _____  Cashiers Check _____ Money Order_____ 
Card Number __________-__________-__________-__________ expiration (mm/yy)__________
Signature _____________________________________________ dated _____________________

Payments will be made to:

Make-up & Monsters 
c/o 9909 Topanga Canyon Blvd, #352 
Chatsworth, California 
91311 (a.r.r.) 
(818) 710-MKUP (6587) STUDIO 
(818) 712-MKUP (6587) FAX 
e-mail: apeman@apemania.com

Website: www.apemania.com 

Price List
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