Roddy McDowall 
Motion Picture & Television Fund Raiser

We are now producing
fullsize replicas of the 


One of Roddy McDowall's favorite charities was the
Motion Picture & Television Fund.

He willed parts of his estate to the fund, and one of the items 
the fund received was the actual CAESAR statue
used in the closing scene of

The fund brought the statue to us here at the APEMANIA workshop
for restoration earlier this summer.
It will be permanently displayed beginning in September, 2001, in a
beautiful memorial rose garden that has been built (in Roddy's memory)
at the motion picture hospital and retirement home in Calabasas, California.

In cooperation and with the blessings of the trust fund, APEMANIA is making
a special edition memorial wall display of the CAESAR statue face available to fans
and friends of the fund.
All proceeds from the sale of these displays go directly to the fund.

These displays are cast from the original statue, are numbered, and come with
a dedication plaque that reads:

"This commemorative display is an exact casting 
from the original CAESAR statue 
 used in the 1973 20th Century Fox film 
In honor and memory of Mr. Roddy McDowall and his 

 unending support to the Motion Picture & Television Fund"

The CAESAR face measures:  14" tall x 11" wide.
The PLAQUE measures:   6" tall x 11" wide.

Money order / cashiers check PRICES:  CAESAR displays are available for $450 
plus shipping and handling.

Make-up & Monsters Studios. will donate a portion of the proceeds of the display (in your name) to the MPTF

The artists and craftspeople here at the workshop
have been more than happy to donate their skills and time to such an involved project.
Our love for Roddy and his life's work, especially with the Planet of the Apes saga,
has influenced our career choices, and it is truly an honor to be involved with 
this project.  That's payment enough for us.

We believe Roddy would approve of these efforts to keep contributions 
funneling into the fund in his memory.

We invite fans and friends the world over to participate in this worthy cause.

If you have any questions about this display, or how to get involved with the  fund,
feel free to contact the APEMASTER at any time.

Click on the logo to go to the Fund's website. 
You'll see a link on the lefthand menu for the Roddy rose garden page:

Thank you for your support.

The Statue as it stands today
in the Rose Garden


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