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APEMANIA's Life-size Deluxe URSUS Display busts are meticulously hand crafted from many parts and many materials.
A durable polyurethane understructure supports wonderfully replicated GENUINE LEATHER details (helmet, shoulder armour, yoke. etc.) 
The nickle plated armour plates are attached by brass anchors, yes folks, real heavy metal here. 
The head itself is a resculpted casting from an original James Daly/James Gregory gorilla mold.  Details of porcilaine eyes and teeth and  a blend of human and yak hair finish off this most impressive display piece.  Heck, this head even has eyelashes!

Our team of accomplished Hollywood artists and craftspeople (check our Cast & Crew pages for references), painstakingly put so much care and detail into the cosmetic finishing of every display, each piece truly earns the designation of "museum quality" and are unlike anything you have seen before. 

The Economy Ursus  Busts, for those Ape-Heads on a budget, are cast in durable polyurethane and latex rubber materials.
The wardrobe, eyes, and teeth are molded parts of each casting. All of the hair is synthetic. 

Custom orders and Special Requests are always welcome.

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