Apemania's Deluxe Prosthetic Masksare made from the same foam latex appliance and hairpieces found on the PROSTHETICS page connected to a breathable spandex hood and collar.  You can wear them as a simple pull-over or glue them down around the eyes and mouth for full expression. For Pseudo-Simian's in a hurry, these masks are GREAT!  A lot less time needed for make-up, which leaves you more time for APE FUN!!!





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Each Deluxe Prosthetic Mask comes with a Starter Make-up & Removal Kit 
as well as print and video instructions to instruct you with proper techniques for:
maintenance and repair. 

Each Deluxe Prosthetic mask also comes with a handsome display bust (head, neck) 
to store and display these impressive masks.

To ensure a perfect fit, you will have to complete a head measurement chart.  (click here and print out the chart).
Fill out the chart and include it with your order.

And for those aspiring Apes on a budget, APEMANIA's ECONOMY masks are HERE!.  Keep your eyes "peeled" for some great new items just in time for the Halloween season and the new APE millenium! 

Deluxe Make-up Kits and Individual Prosthetic Sets are also available 
and also come with instructions for application and removal. 



Price List

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