So you've spent eons praying to the great ape-makers in the sky for a chance to get your very own Lawgiver Statue, have you?  Well monkey-boys and girls, 
Yahoo! Make-up & Monsters Studios has produced the first Licensed Limited Edition
 reproductions of the Great Lawgiver Statue, and just in time for the new millennium!!!  Each statue is made-to-order from molds that were taken from one of the two known original LG's used in the POTA films! 

Ol' LG's dimensions are and impressive 9 x 4, and the weight is about 450+ lbs. 

Your neighbors and friends will surely go bananas at how well the "GLG" compliments any back yard furniture ensemble! 

Free delivery in the Greater Ape-City / Los Angeles area, otherwise Buyer should be aware of crating and freight charges to their part of the Forbidden Zone and all points beyond. Call, write, e-mail, or Fax us for more shipping information.

Be the first in your village to own the Great Lawgiver, and your friends may just build a monument in your honor for you being so cool!

(click on the images below for larger looks!)


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"Making of A Great LAWGIVER" page

Planet of the Apes is © 1967, 2004 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation. 
All Rights Reserved.

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