James Gregory poses as Ursus
for a Wardrobe  continuity photo
during filming of the final scenes 
of "Beneath the Planet of the Apes"


Ever wonder WHERE all the great ape stuff ended up after the films and tv series ended?  
Just where the heck ARE James Whitmore's President of the Assembly shoes anyway?  
Who's got Wright King's Dr. Galen trousers?

Well, these pages are a place for Planet of the Apes fans and collectors EVERYWHERE 
to "post and boast" photos of their collections.
Just because Jimmy W's shoes may be in California,  his jacket in New York, and his pants 
across the pond hanging out with Big Ben and those guys with the fuzzy hats, 
doesn't mean we can't "re-assemble" all the parts of original outfits "virtually" on these pages!!!  
It'll be fun to see a costume complete again, even if the parts are scattered all over the globe!

If you have a collection that you'd like to boast about, drop the apemaster a quick note 
and we'll add your goodies to the museum.

Also feel free to submit your personal Ape project photos (from any era).  We love getting fotos 
and stories of fan's drawings, paintings, sculptures, doll modifications, modle kits, and make-up jobs.  
We'll post your work on the Arts & Crafts or the Junior G-man pages for all to see and share. 

So send those old pix our way, Gang!  These pages are for you!


Contact the Apemaster if you'd like to add your collection to the museum


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